Mark Hodder

About The Author

     Mark Hodder is descended from John Angell, a pirate who sailed with Captain Kidd. According to family legend, Angell invested most of his ill-gotten gains in land, particularly in Angell Town near Brixton in London. Anyone who can provide irrefutable legal evidence that they're descended from Angell will inherit the land, which is estimated to now be worth at least 64 million pounds. Over the course of generations, members of the family, seeking to gain the fortune, have lost one in trying to prove the link, and hordes of people who have no connection with the family at all have adopted the name in order to make a claim. As a result, the family tree is extremely tangled and a legal connection to the pirate's treasure is almost certainly impossible to establish.


 Title  Series/Type
 - Book 1:  A Red Sun Also Rises  Fantasy
 - Book 2:  The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack  Fantasy
 - Book 3:  The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man  Fantasy